We are all unique individuals, and everyone needs a different approach in this context.

My intention, as a holistic coach, is to help you tune into your own inner knowing, and give you practical tools which can be gently-integrated into your life, helping you to both align with your purpose and assist you in making sense of past and present experiences from a holistic, integrative perspective. 

Spiritual Crisis

Oftentimes, what we go through in challenging periods is merely a spiritual crisis rather than a psychological pathology, which distracts us with self-judgment and “psychological issue” diagnoses which  we actually do not even have or ‘own’. It can make things worse in the long run – killing our “soul”, so to speak, and cutting us off from our inner purpose, when the reality is that any crisis is simply part of the healing process, and there is nothing “wrong” with it appearing in a person's life.

Challenging situations involving relationships, work, and health (resulting in us feeling lost, depressed, and confused) are most often symptoms of a deeper process, as our soul is begging for recognition, hidden under layers of accumulated "armoring" from past trauma and wounding - as well as from social, cultural, and religious conditioning.

Western psychology (when seen as the 'be all and end all' of treatment) can become a head-trip, as we try to analyze and label ourselves (and others) with our minds instead of just getting into our bodies and feelings – without thinking – and just letting it all arise to surface consciousness with a loving heart. Love simply involves being compassionate towards all of our (and others') experiences, and accepting ourselves without judgment.

A Shamanic and Expanded View of Reality

Another aspect that can drain our life force - and keep us from reaching our full potential - is "foreign" energy we can take on from others around us, as well as etheric interferences and attachments that have their origins in the non-physical realm. This ties into a very misunderstood and unacknowledged topic in the limited mainstream view of dis-ease and psychology. Shamanic cultures were well aware of the spirit world and the non-physical parasitic forces acting upon us. More and more people are becoming aware of this topic, which then encourages them to seek out healing modalities that operate on a holistic level: body, mind, and spirit.

This is not meant to imply that basic psychological knowledge and application is not needed, as it can certainly help us in our processes. Basic psychological education has its place, and is definitely needed in our society, especially with regards to understanding shadow work (Jungian psychology), habitual behavioural patterns, and childhood wounding. However, it is just one aspect of the healing work, and therefore has its limitations.

Oftentimes, the healing solution is much simpler than we make it out to be; it’s just that our intellectual ego (the "supervisor" in the head) and social conditioning are designed to complicate things (or ignore the deeper intuitive messages in our body), and we can't see ourselves clearly, as we become caught in chronic unconscious self-defeating behaviors (such as 'analysis paralysis'). Sometimes we also get caught up in linear time and "3D thinking". Our "clever" minds can never perceive the totality of existence, the mystery of life, and what lays ahead of us is with regards to our personal path. However, we can tune into it via our own internal gudiance system, our embodied intuition and inner knowing.

Working with Bernhard

In my work as a holistic coach, I will help you to tune into your own inner knowing via reflective compassionate mirroring, uncovering the deeper cause/root of any particular issue you are dealing with (rather than the symptoms). Once this is established, I then provide you with practical guidance, which results in soul alignment, integration, and wholeness outcomes.

My work requires a certain level of open-mindedness, self-responsibility and sincerity on your part in order to engage in the process and work on yourself (beyond my mentoring role). My work is also not a short-cut to contentment, and I don't offer a "magic pill". More often than not, the issues you are dealing with are bigger life lessons (even karmic-related) which you need to learn and integrate on a fundamental, vulnerable level. The psyche has its own healing "time table", and it can't be forced or hurried. Certain parts need to be revealed and brought to consciousness before one can go deeper.

As more is uncovered, realized and integrated, other things may come up that you weren't previously aware of at all. These may go beyond "issues", and include your latent talents which have been "armored up" and hidden from awareness as well. Like the layers of an onion, the work gets deeper, more subtle and increasingly-refined over time, as you become more sensitive to your own bodily impressions and intuitive messages, raising the frequency of your Being in the process.

The Healer Within You

Your own body intelligence is connected to spirit, and it instinctively knows how to heal itself and assist you in the evolutionary process, just so long as it's given the right conditions and space in which to do so. At the end of the day, you are your own healer, leader and master. My role involves being a facilitator - I am here to help you to trust yourself, and to connect with your own power, sovereign self, and deeper purpose for being here.

Holistic Coaching is an approach which takes the entire human being (and his/her life experiences) into consideration. We are multi-dimensional beings, and we all have our own unique soul blueprints (which include those lessons required so as to learn and integrate into our evolutionary growth), as well as possessing talents which, when developed, synthesize with our individual soul evolution, path towards awakening and purpose for being here. 

Typically, traditional counseling methods only look at the psychological ramifications of issues and behaviors, and therefore overlook the spiritual context and bigger picture involved. Holistic Coaching addresses the physical, mental, psychological, emotional, as well as spiritual "body" components of the Self, connecting the varied dots of our life experiences in order to help integrate it all for the purpose of healing, wholeness, and well-being.

Holistic Coaching ~ Body - Mind - Spirit