Integrative Bodywork

- 60min: $140

- 90min: $180

At my studio in Topanga Canyon.

For more about Integrative Bodywork go HERE.

Holistic Coaching

via Skype, FaceTime, or phone:

- 60min: $110

- 90min: $160

- 120min: $200

At my studio in Topanga Canyon:

- One Hour: $120

- Two Hours: $220

For more about Holistic Coaching go HERE.

Holistic Coaching & Integrative Bodywork

- Two Hours: $250

- Three Hours: $350

At my studio in Topanga Canyon.


[Disclaimer: Bernhard does not seek to replace professional doctors or psychiatrists. His work and information is not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking medical professional care and help.  Follow your physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plans.]




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