My good Peruvian friend and talented sound healer Fred Clarke Alvarez asked me to a share a little bit about my life, experiences, and work.

Topics: Challenges in the Process of Awakening, Shadow Work, Reality Creation, Medicine Plants, Personal Sovereignty, Individuality, Self-Love, Soul Fragmentation, Entity Attachments, Hyperdimensional Realities, Evil, Ascension, Embodiment, Intuition, Bodywork, Psychology, Limitations of 3D Thinking, and more…

This a video shows a little bit of one of 5Rhythm Dance practices we had at our first "Time of Transition" Retreat in the Peruvian High Jungle:

In this video I show some of my bodywork, integrating various bodywork modalities: Deep Bodywork, Esalen Massage, Thai Yoga, Sensory Repatterning, CranioSacral Therapy: